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You don't want to know...

you just think you do.

80s music, abandoned places, african violets, amaryllis, anime, antique advertisements, antique birthday cards, antiques, backsass, baking, bbc, betta fish, border collies, botan rice candy, bruce campbell, cake-decorating, cartoons, cherries, chicken tikka masala, circus, clangers, classic monsters, crafts, crispin glover, cupcakes, david bowie, diabeetus, dirt, doctor who, dogs, don hertzfeldt, doodles, drawing, edward gorey, elephants, engrish, etching, eyeliner, filigree, filmwise invisibles, finger monsters, fireworks, fondant, fondue, found, frogs, gardening, gargoyles, garth marenghi, gin and tonics, ginger-pear, glass doorknobs, glass piggy banks, goats, goldfish, googly eyes, granulating watercolor, guild of calamitous intent, hanna-barbera, haunted houses, hippeastrum, hobo cats, home made red sauce, horror movies, horticulture, ice cream cake, iggy pop, illumination, infomercials, jack burton, jewelry making, johnny cash, joss whedon, karman gias, koi, legos, letter people, letterpress, letters, lists, lite-brite, lithography, looney tunes, lotteria, love/hating martha, mac, metalsmithing, mexican neon, monty python, mst3k, nail polish, nasturtium, neon signs, occult, officer poncherello, old photographs, ozone, paint-by-numbers, painting, palindromes, papadum, papier mache, paranormal, passiflora, pee wee herman, photography, pin-ups, plants, pontiki, pop-up books, printmaking, puppets, quilting, quilts, raspberry anything, reticulated irises, retro saturday morning psas, robots, rotary phones, salvage, scifi, scratch-n-sniff, scribbles, sewing, sharpie markers, shelties, shirley temples, shoes, shrinky dinks, slasher movies, slow-moving zombies, spiral staircases, squirt guns, streptocarpus, tea, teal, the mighty boosh, the supernatural, toy guns, trashy horror novels, true crime, ukrainian eggs, vodka tonics, weinermobile, wlvi creature double-feature, wontons, wrought iron, x-rays, yellow starburst